Friday, July 6, 2007

The Move

My roommate and I moved out at the end of June. We were experienced in moving - combined, we have 25 years of moving experience; in and out of dorms, storage, college rooms, my roommate moving out due to being kicked out, and a few other moves. We were like, you know, everything is under control, and all that.

How very wrong we were. Unbelievably wrong. It was a little something called overconfidence.

Ben's stepdad was scheduled to come the weekend before our move, then changed to two days before the end of the month (our last paid month) with his trailer to pick up all his stuff. Maybe we should have seen this as a sign of things to come.

My dad came on the last Wednesday and picked up a load of my stuff to put in storage in his garage upstate, and he had the look of "the rest of the stuff is your problem, not mine," as he pleasantly helped us move (thanks, dad!).

Ben's stepdad's truck broke down on Thursday. Echk. We were planning on heading out to the Cape on Friday. He said that he would come up to pick up a few boxes as well as the cat on Friday night, without the trailer.

Immediately, we entered Crisis Mode. Ben called several u-haul companies that also had storage. He got a room for a decent price and got a cargo van to haul some of his stuff into storage so his stepdad can come up with the trailer to pick up furniture, his bed, my bed, and a few other things later this month.

Then, I miscalculated. I thought my car was twice as big as it really is. Some of my stuff joined Ben's in storage. We planned to meet up later as we were both planning on going to the Luau at a friend's house, and then we will hopefully empty that storage space.

We finally left late on Saturday (the last day of the month), and arrived at the Cape at 1:30a.

Overconfidence is a bitch.


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