Wednesday, August 13, 2008

accomplishments of a year off

I proudly share my accomplishment of being stung by more wasps / bees in a year than I have been in my entire life.

3 in 2008. Well, actually, not even a year ... in a total of three months, I've been stung by three bees / wasps.

Three months = three bee / wasp stings (which provides for much entertainment)

27 years and 9 months = total of *1* sting.

I'm really not sure what to make of this, tho it may be preparation for my next stages in life.

****just so you know, completely off topic, but I've been looking for an opportunity to say "see you at the debate, bitches!" but being unable to find one, I'm just going to say it!  See you at the debates, bitches! **** (google paris hilton, barack obama, and john mccain if you don't get the reference)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Illogical web spamming drives me nuts. Just sayin'.

An Open Letter to


While I may have clicked on several of your links for news, I never gave you permission to send news alert emails (which fortunately because gmail apparently is able to read my mind and saw that I never gave permission or signed up for anything ended up in my spam mailbox).

As I navigated your site to try to figure out if I had actually had an out-of-body experience and registered for your news alert distribution list, I discovered that you,, did not have my email address in your files as to having an account with your website, so I reached the conclusion that fortunately, my sanity was still mostly intact and that I had never signed up for the alerts.

Nothing can describe my confusion when you prompted me to sign up for an account in order to turn off the news alerts emails. So, now, you are asking me to sign up for an account that I do not want, to turn off services that I had never requested for, nor gave permission for.

Please kindly refrain from killing off the rest of the marbles in my brain by stopping this news alert service immediately.



a bit of a update ...

Been a while, yes? Not too much to talk about on my end - else than the road trip #3 (which was far too close to road trip #2 for my comfort, ugh - driving fatigue!), and that I'm missing N, M, and their dog, Kiah way too much.

First stop: Mt. Rainier National Park. Wow. Words or pictures does not do it justice - if anyone is visiting Washington State, this is a MUST STOP. I camped near the Sunrise portion of the mountain, and the weather was perfect, the view near the water was gorgeous.

After Mt. Rainier, I drove to East Washington and camped at an extremely touristy campground by a lake - nothing exciting there, move along people, nothing to see (except I wish I had a video of me jumping up and down screaming after being stung by two wasps who along with a bunch of 'em decided to investigate the picnic table that I was using for a nest location ... apparently they didn't think it was feasible.)

A couple stops later, Yellowstone. Boy do I have mixed feelings about that park. There were way too many people there. Seriously, people, that National Park had three, count 'em, three post offices. Wuh?! Some of the intersections there had off-ramps. There were traffic jams there on Monday and Tuesday. Double wuh?! Granted, I think it's excellent that people are coming out to explore nature in droves, but enjoying nature has somewhat less to do with people, but more to do with nature, that's for me anyway. Regardless - Yellowstone was GORGEOUS - and one / two days are just enough to visit - don't think I'll be making a visit back any time soon.

And a shout-out to Gallaudet!

Drove through the second most boring state in the US of North Dakota (no offense to anyone who live there - I think Kansas wins the title of the falling-asleep-while-you-are-driving state), stopped by and saw a couple of friends near Minneapolis, met up with an old college buddy out in Madison, fun was had with all - and then I decided to just book it. Drove 12 and 10 hours in two consecutive days. I had to take a couple of days of doing nothing and doing it all day to recover.

So, now you're pretty much caught up. It's all pretty boring these days - hopefully that'll change soonish.


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