Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Global Warming?

Global warming is a big thing around here in ski resort towns - the ski industry relies on snow in order to be a profitable business. If you talk to the locals around here, read some ski or snowboarding magazines, or the daily newspaper, you'll see that it's a huge deal here.

Everyone is talking about how less and less snow they're getting each year, and this year my roommate and I were talking about hoping that we actually get some snow. We were thinking that it would have sucked to pick this winter to head here for the ski (for me) / snowboard (for him) season and got stuck with the worse winter ever.

In one of the magazines I read, there were an article called "Global Weirding" - talking about the crazy stuff that's happening - I've seen it first hand; several ski resorts (including Vail) had to push their opening date a few days, which sends a concerned ripple across the county. Ski resorts have started to focus on becoming green - using a variety of energy sources, using energy in a more efficient way, as that would be THE way to keep it in business.

I found all this very interesting, because Colorado is a pretty red state; the state where Focus on the Family (a major religious thing - Dobson and all - you do not want to know if you do not) makes its headquarters, that the people needs to reconcile the concept that global warming does exist with their religious and political beliefs.

Regardless of this - it snowed a few inches last night - hopefully that is a sign of things to come up for this winter!


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