Saturday, February 23, 2008

new toys!

Got a new helmet and a new pair of goggles from Smith - I feel a bit safer using a helmet while whizzing down the hill doing 30 to 40 mph.

Yes - I have been neglecting this blog ... but I have wrote several entries from Bucket of Crabs, so head over there and check 'em out! Nothing much has been happening around here - more of the same, more snow, the icicles have been growing longer, skiing, winemaking, so nothing exciting or out of ordinary have been happening so far.

Plans for the next few months include a visit from the parental units next week (woo hoo!), a trip out to Moab Desert with the deaf folks of Summit County, a crazy ass road trip out to Olympia that I have just started planning out ... so it's going to be a fun few months.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

a chinese fortune

Last night I was craving for some Chinese food - so went to check out a place near where I work, and for what it's worth, the food was lousy, but not the point of this entry. I opened up the fortune and it said, "Find a peaceful place where you can make plans for the future."

How so appropriate. Too bad it's 3 1/2 months late, but maybe actually timely - as I have not made plans past maybe June or July.

It is fun getting cool fortunes - most of the ones I have seen are just so blah or does not any sense and make you go, dude, wtf! This ranks near the top few favorites I have gotten - my favorite one was a few nights before I went off to MSSD for my freshman year - it simply said, "Go Shopping!"

Do you have any favorites?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bucket of Crabs

Der Sankt has invited me to join the group blog Buckets of Crabs - this blog will be written by several different deaf individuals about any and all topics - no topic is taboo or off limits.

I just posted my first entry over there today ... check it out!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

And ... more snow.

It has been insane - snowing almost everyday - an inch to three inches ... last night was especially crazy - they predicted about a foot 7k or more above sea level (for what it's worth, we're living approxmiately 10k above sea level), and wind guests was up to 40 mph or something like that, so snow was blowing all over the place. At a couple of points on way home from work I had to stop in the middle of Route 9 cos I could not see anything. Whew.

A couple of pictures - remember I told you back in Nov or so, I was wondering when snow would reach our living room window ... well it did that a while ago, but now it's about a third covered.

This next picture was inspired by Benji's ice droplet from last year, which was a gorgeous photo of an inch frozen droplet at his friend's apartment back in New York. Ben - I am not sure if there's an entry or post with that pic ... if there is - please let me know! This is the garage wall of our house - one of the angles from my bedroom window. Just for scale purposes - two of these siding boards measures to be a foot. I am roughly estimating the longest icicle is 12-14 feet long. Thankfully, nobody goes out back because there's a steep hill going right off the back of the house. I do not really want to wake up to a scene of a person lying with a deadly 12 ft icicle in his / her heart.

Hmm - I don't really want to end on that morbid note - so wanted to make a point to give a shout out to the New York Giants who made one of the most amazing and incredible Superbowls ever to watch - and to end the undefeated run of the annoying Patriots!


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