Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow Removal

So, there's something that people don't usually think about, but I am constantly amazed by - the snow removal team here at Breckenridge - here at Summit County, really. According to the ski resort site, the mountain have received a total of 264 inches of snow, which means a little less in downtown, a conservative estimate would be 200 inches - naturally not all of it is piled up 200 inches high - it goes up and then melts a little at a time. I wanted to post these pictures I took yesterday because it has been the highest I have seen the snowbanks be, and probably won't be as high over the next couple of weeks - as we're due some warmer weather (which means spring skiing is upon us, woo hoo!

Anyway the reason why I thought the team was amazing is that I have never once seen more than two inches of snow on the roads, regardless of the fact that we received over 200 inches thus far. Most of the snowbanks on this specific road, Royal Tiger Rd, a road that I take when leaving and going to home is as high as my car - about four to four and a half feet. Crazy ass, eh? It has gotten to the point that the snowbanks is so bad at some corners that I can't even see who is coming or what is coming, and it's driving everyone crazy going back and forth stopping, rolling, stopping, just so nobody bash up each other.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a mini update - and my fridge!

Hello, March! It's tough to believe that I have less than two months in this area now.

I've been planning out my road trip out to Natie and Melissa's place in Olympia, Washington, and have confirmed plans to stop by in Phoenix, hopefully Lake Mead and Vegas, Riverside, CA, then camping at a few places on the Pacific Coast Highway, visiting the goddaddy out in SF, a few more camping nights, and then N and M! The trip should be fun. ;-)

I had a great time here with my parents who came down and visited - we all had a ball doing some skiing and a lot good food.

Speaking of good food ... (like that topic segue?!) I'm gonna post a picture of my fridge - I was telling mom that I don't think my new york friends would recognize the fridge, as they're used to me having some chinese leftovers, beer, some condiments and a box of margarine that li'l joe always leaves at my place. Granted, we still have beer and condiments, and some of the food is the roommate's, but lookee! Not bad, eh, folks?!


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