Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

yep ... and on my last day of skiing ....

yeah. was going off a box jump in a park in a-basin .... lost my balance and unfortunately my wrist got in the way. got a nasty fracture, so after the sling i'm sporting, i'll need a cast for 6 to 8 weeks. fun, yes? at least i got vicodin out of this mess.

ah-well - off to the moab tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

apparently a month has passed ...

Today is April 16th. A day after tax-day (and by the way, hoping y'all are enjoying that economic stimulus package that mistah bush has decided to pass out ... ).

I repeat. Today is April 16th. As in the middle of April. As in a few weeks after Spring is supposed to begin.

This picture was taken at approximately 3:15p MST today. This is a view of the back of the winery where I work at.

See the white fluffy thingies falling down from the sky? Nope, not marshmallow fluff, but snow. It's snowing like .... I've run out of ways to say what it's snowing like.

This picture was taken at 10:18p MST today.

This is my driveway. That car is my roommate's car after being parked there for two hours. When I left for work this morning, there were no snow in the driveway, sure there were piles all around, but you could actually see pavement! A few hours and 6 inches later, you see the result.

We're supposed to get another 5 to 6 inches tonight on top of the 6 inches that's there already.

Have I said that it's April 16th?

While yeah, sure, there's some awesome snow for skiing, as Breckenridge closes this Sunday, and most other resorts have already closed up last week except for A-Basin which will remain open (they have an annual goal of staying open til July 4th, but last couple of years they had to close in June), but dude. DUDE! I'm ready for short sleeve shirts. My flip-flops!

Next week a group of us will be heading out to Moab desert, so I'll get my dose of warm weather, but it's like going to polar opposites - three feet of snow here to 80 degree weather over there - and it's what only a four to five hours drive.

Crazy shit, I tell you. Crazy shit.


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